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Michigan Residents: In Need of Reliable Transportation?

Are you on the road to self-sufficiency but struggle with transportation? Are you ready to gain access to better employment opportunities and enjoy personal independence? Vehicles for Change may be able to help you get there!

They receive car donations from the public, make them “road ready,” and then award them at affordable prices to eligible families in Michigan.

To qualify for a vehicle, you must meet the following basic criteria:

  • Is currently employed full time (minimum 30+ hours per week)

  • Have a current valid Michigan Driver’s license prior to submitting of application

  • Qualify as low income under guidelines below

  • Need a car for employment purposes

  • Does not own any other car nor have one available to you

  • Does not have any insurance violations with SOS

  • Have parental responsibility if under the age of 25

  • Have savings of $500 to cover the cost of insurance, taxes, tags and title

  • Be insurable, drug free and no DUI/DWI on driver record

  • If enrolled full time in a post-secondary education program (i.e. 9 or more credit hours), you must work a minimum of 25 hours per week. Must provide proof of full time enrollment.

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